Retirement Planning

Thinking about your retirement?

You no doubt have questions and concerns, the most common in our experience being;

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    Will I be able to retire?

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    When can I retire?

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    How can I afford to retire?

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    What can I do with the pensions that I have?

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    How do I make sense of all the paperwork?

Planning for Retirement
Think about how long you need to save to replace your earned income for the rest of your life after retiring.  If you consider retiring at age 65 for example, current statistics show that you may live for at least another 20 + years.

Have you considered how many paydays are left between now and your chosen retirement age?

For example, if you are currently aged 45 and wish to retire at age 60, you have 15 working years, which equate to 180 monthly pay days.

So, if you retire at 60 and live to age 85, you will need to be able to fund a further 300 monthly pay days.

Do your years in retirement potentially exceed those left to save for it?

Are you relying on other assets such as your home, rental property or investments?

Be clear on your options, choices and learn how get the retirement you deserve.

Planning Your Retirement

Take control of your future, talk to us and get the clarity you need. We understand that life is busy with many demands on your time as well as money, but not addressing this now could be hugely detrimental to you in the future.

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What our clients say about us

  • Very pleased with the service.  I had pensions all over the place and they sorted it out for me and I now know exactly what I have.  When I receive post from any of the pensions I just forward it on and they take care of everything for me.  Definately recommend.

  • I came to see Sarah with a mass of paperwork and various plans. She has helped me understand the plans which I had and has now made them clear and simple, so I now know my financial position and I am very happy.
    Mrs G