Have your finances got the January blues?

Is Christmas a dim and distant memory? Does your bank balance agree? If your finances are in the January blues – don’t let it get you down. January doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom regarding your finances. Use January to plan financially for 2020. Below you will find a few ways to help you plan for the year … Read More

Income Protection insurance – do you need it?

Consider these three questions: What does the loss of your income mean to you, your household or your family?  Are you the sole income provider?  What does your income pay for? Once you have answered the above questions, think about not being able to work long-term.  By long-term we mean anything longer than 3 – 6 months. Each year one … Read More

The Dreaded ‘C’ Word

Christmas Gold and Teal Baubles

At Claass Financial Planning we love Christmas!  However, whilst this is a very special time of year, we do understand it can be a drain on the wallet. Crazy isn’t it, Christmas comes every year at the same time and yet we rarely prepare for it. Here are some tips from us to avoid money stress at this time of … Read More

How to make friends with money

Making friends with money money choices saving money

Is money your friend or foe? Are you worried about repaying debt? Do you run out of money before pay day? Worried that you’ll never be able to save? Think you’ll never be able to retire? Then read on and start a better relationship with your money today. To make friends with money you need to think about the pounds … Read More

Retirement Planning – 10 things to consider

Retirement planning 10 things to consider

What does retirement look like for you? It’s easy to feel like your post work years are a long way off however, there are some key considerations to think about along the way and the earlier you action these the more likely that you will achieve financial independence (retirement) and the more comfortable your retirement will be. Here are 10 … Read More

Should I Consolidate My Pension?

Consolidation pension pots saving money

The majority of us have changed jobs a few times – some more than others; which often means collecting pensions along the way. Pensions are a great way of saving for the future, but when you have a few of these plans from various providers, it might make sense to think about consolidating them into one. Key things to consider: … Read More

Life Changing Events

Life changing event divorce bereavement

When you are going through a life changing event such as losing a loved one or divorce, it can be hard to focus on ‘what you should be doing’. There are so many thoughts going through your head at a million miles an hour you cannot see the wood for the trees, and it can be hard to get clarity. … Read More